Stone Pathway Project

14 Apr

James and I have been on the go the past few weekends and finally had a weekend at home {probably the last one until June}. We decided to be super productive today and re-do our old walkway to the deck.


As you can see it was quite the eye sore. Why someone would make a wooden walkway, makes no sense to me? And it only went halfway to the driveway and just stopped…another reason to re-do it.

It ended up being super easy to remove and of course James loved this part of the project because what man doesn’t love demolishing something?


After doing some research on Google and Pinterest, we decided to give it a try. If you’ve been thinking about doing something similar, you should go for it!

What you’ll need:
Tape measurer {to measure your walkway}
Stones {we chose two different sizes}
Rake/Hoe {to clean out the space and even the ground}
Tarp {optional}

After a two trips to Lowes, we were ready to get to work!



First, use a rack, shovel or hoe to make your pathway. This was easier for us since there was already an area from the old walkway. Be sure to make sure the pathway is somewhat level so the stones will be easier to lay.

Once the pathway has been made, you are now ready to lay your stone. We decided on a random pattern {Lowes example 2nd pic below} because we figured it would be a lot easier than using a pattern.



After all the stones are laid and in place, add sand to fill in all the cracks. We sprayed everything with water, but I don’t think this was a must.


All done!


It was a super easy project that only took about an hour and a half to complete.


One Response to “Stone Pathway Project”

  1. loveyabeanit April 15, 2013 at 6:36 pm #

    Looks so good!

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